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“Unleash Your Writing Power” – Creative Writing Holiday in Portugal

with Judi Goodwin.

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Inspirational workshop to unblock the barriers to your creativity. Builds confidence and fluency in an atmosphere of fun and discovery.

Whatever kind of writing you do this highly acclaimed course offers you an opportunity to let go of what is expected in order to make more space for spontaneity and creativity. Learn to communicate from the heart and the head and abolish writer’s block.

The learning approach is unconventional, fun and sometimes challenging. A series of writing games, processes and group discussions allow students to make important discoveries for themselves. We address not only the all-important process of structuring, writing and editing, but the psychological aspects too. You will learn how to bypass your logical, self-critical brain and tap into your more creative powers.

The techniques are part personal development and part writing skills and the focus is to help you connect with yourself. Until you do that, how can you connect with others? The exercises are short, spontaneous, different and fun. They are designed to encourage improved co-ordination between the heart and the head, or the left brain and right brain

So come and be amazed by skills you never realised you have!

Who should come on the course?
Anyone from beginners to experienced writers who wants to make more impact with the written word. The techniques can be applied to all types of writing including stories, editorial features, novels, blogs, opinion columns, family history, memoirs, biographies, business writing, marketing material, personal journals and diaries – or even a best-seller

You will learn how to:
– Make writing an enjoyable, fun experience
– Write faster with increased fluency and ease
– Gain confidence and avoid writer’s block
– Write as naturally as you speak
– Structure your writing effectively
– Write powerfully and persuasively
– Improve pace, readability and style
– Communicate from the heart and the head
– Inspire and motivate your readers
– Connect at a more human level and bring a more reader-friendly style to your text

Judi Goodwin
Course leader Judi Goodwin is a freelance journalist and trainer and has been a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph, BBC Woman’s Hour and The Radio Times. She was consultant commissioning editor for Ideal Home magazine and is an NLP Practitioner and qualified Life Coach. She believes everyone has the ability to write well and that people learn best when they’re having fun.

Attributed Testimonials:

“Confidence building….an incredible journey of self discovery.” Jane Corbett, North Yorkshire

“One of the best things I’ve done for myself in years! Not only did I learn about writing from the heart, I learned about me in the process.” – Sally Turk, Canada

“Judi’s course unleashed the psyche. Our hands and minds were given wings.” – Liz Aldridge, Lincoln U3A Writing Group

“It opened a wellspring of pen-up creativity and writing skill I was convinced I didn’t have.” Tony Brunskill, managing director, Cumbria

“Accepting and inspiring. It has freed me to become the real me and go forward to reach my full potential.”- Pam Hanson, author