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Step out and discover your creative side – Photography holiday and course in Lisbon 2017 March 31 to April 6.

Sozo Arts are proud to offer visitors this year, a new city of light photography course in Lisbon. All abilities are truly welcome. Spring is a great time for learning something new and creative, and what better place to do this than hip and trendy Lisbon where you can be assured of pleasant temperatures, great food and a relaxed vibe.

One of the perks of hosting creative holidays, is getting to know the tutors and test driving the courses. So, it was time to develop and test drive a new photography course 2017, the City of Light course, Lisbon. With this in mind, we made our way on a slightly chilly, but bright January day and headed off to the ‘Monument of Discovery,’ near the Torre de Belem. Here we met up with Lisbon professional photographers, Gonçalo and Catarina, and chose to focus on two genres: street photography and architecture. Catarina reminded us that it´s always a good idea to ask people permission before taking their photo, and with this in mind, Kit asked this barman if he minded having his photo taken, and found he was most accommodating!

Meanwhile, a group had spotted us with our cameras and took the opportunity of asking Catarina if she would kindly take their photo in front of the 25 April Bridge. The second point I picked up from Catarina, was looking for that ‘extraordinary’ photo, the one the viewer will glance at twice. So however aesthetic or pleasing the architecture is in front of you, it won´t necessarily be an outstanding photograph. Catarina mentioned that young children can add an appealing drama to a photograph. Taking this tip, Samantha took the following photo:

Gonçalo pointed out the connections that you can make between foreground and background, when you notice similar colours, architecture or other forms. We practised used these structures which match the hue of the distant 25 April bridge:

Gonçalo also demonstrated that it can be interesting to photograph someone in partial light. Here he posed as a model, allowing me to take shots as he walked along the water´s edge .   

Finally the most challenging aspect for Kit and I was to move onto the M mode. The user controls all of the settings including aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Gonçalo encouraged me to try out something new and step up a level. I used manual mode here for the photo of MAAT power station:

Overall it was a fascinating afternoon. We can highly recommend coming along to a Sozo Arts photography to learn this techniques and many more.

If you are interested in a Sozo Arts photography holiday in Lisbon, with Gonçalo and Catarina as your tutors go to and book your holiday and accommodation through Sozo Arts. 5 days March 31 to April 6 2017.

If you wish to attend the course daily sessions (no accommodation or meals) the cost is 60 euros per day or 250 euros for 5 days. (Meals can be booked at an extra cost) You can book at you can send us an email with your interest and we can send you a booking form.
We can send you more information at or telephone 00 351 911 887 648

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